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Office Management

DS Bookkeeping & Business Development understand how important the efficient running of a business is. We can help you set up your office systems, assist your current office manager to streamline and update their processes. Many businesses go through cycles of growth and expansion where the current processes and procedures become inefficient, outdated and ineffective. At such a time, processes need to be changed, revised and updated to suit the new needs of the business.

We also offer virtual office management for those businesses that do not need a full-time office manager. We find this to be very cost effective as the business is not locked in to pay a full time wage.

The office is the brain of a business. It runs and monitors the accounts, manages the flow of money by paying your suppliers, sending out customer invoices, sending out statements and reminders for payment. The office manages the hiring and firing of staff, setting up pay rates and processing payroll, issues the necessary employment forms and sends out letters and correspondence.

We allow you to continue to run your business while offering all the back-end support you need.