Need emergency assistance with your bookkeeping?

Accounts Payable / Receivable

DS Bookkeeping & Business Development offers an all-round accounts payable and receivable function to relieve the pressure from the business owner. 

It is often one of those tricky areas that can become awkward between the business owner and customer or supplier. We will liaise with your customers/suppliers, while you can focus on other areas in the business and maintain your professional relationship with your debtors and creditors.

Accounts Payable

  • Accurate entry of all supplier invoices
  • Reconcile supplier statements
  • Timely payment of bills to ensure an excellent reputation
  • Create bank file that can be uploaded
  • Send remittance advice to suppliers once payment made

Accounts Receivable

  • Creating, coding and issuing of sales invoices
  • Follow up outstanding debtors
  • Weekly debtor reports
  • Send monthly statements to customers
  • Customise sales invoice templates


Debt Collection

Debt collection is an issue that many businesses have to deal with. Without a strategy in place, debtors can quickly mount up and significantly impact your cashflow.

We can assess your debt collection processes and create a strategy that best suits your business. We can also assist you with recovering debts securely and smoothly while also keeping an excellent business relationship between you and your client.